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Ranking the Jordan Doernbechers

The Nike Doernbecher line dates back 13 years, when the Oregon Hospital and the Swoosh decided to team up and release a collection of Nikes made by the kids who were patients in the hospital. As the Doernbecher Freestyle 2016 Collection released today, we decided to rank the Jordans released as part of the line, which has been a staple of the line since 2007 (10th year coming up, might be a time to give us Doernbecher

Honorable Mention: Jordan XII

The Jordan XII was an auction only pair, and featured sketches of Tinker Hatfield's design of the XII, done by Mark Smith. Each pair features a different design and signed by Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith. It doesn't really rank anywhere, because it's essentially just a Jordan 12 "Master" and a Pair of "Gammas".

11. Jordan XIII

The Jordan 13 "Doernbecher" was done up by John Charles. It features a scaled and patent leather upper, with a black/green and pink color base. Way too loud, not my style.

10. Jordan VIII

I caught a lot of flack for this one when I placed it on my Worst Jordans list, but here me out. I understand that the shoes are for a great cause, and from that perspective I can see the hate. However, that doesn't change the fact that if this was just the "Brave" 8s, and a GR, it would sit...forever. As a child, I probably would've designed the same shoe, and not had a care in the world. However, as an adult, the shoe is TOO loud for me (I liked a lot of SB Dunks, so it's not like bright colorways don't excite me). Then again, the paint splatter might have put me over the edge even though it does glow in the dark.

9. Jordan X

This shoe is one of those forgotten shoes, there's nothing necessarily bad with the shoe, it's just...okay. I'm not a fan of camo graphics on shoes that don't need it, but this shoe just meshes well with it that it's almost unnoticeable.

8. Jordan VII

Honestly, the colorway is amazing, and the color combination is great as well. However, it's something about the red leather that just always throws me off. I thought it was just the leaked pics, then when official pics released, I thought it must be something I'm missing and it looks better in person. It wasn't. The shoe is inspired by a guitar, so I know it's based on a wood finish, but I think that the toe box was better in theory, than application.

7. Jordan IV

The Jordan IV is one of the more iconic designs, with its usage of the Superman logo and everything. It's currently the best-selling Doernbecher (buying Doernbecher's on the resale market completely defeats the purpose of the shoe though). It's a good shoe, and almost made the list of best shoes.

6. Jordan I

This shoe was released as one of the first Doernbecher Jordans, (second to be exact). The Palm tree design, the Patent Leather (I'm not a fan of Patent Leather on a lot of Jordans) are all great touches. The N.E.R.D. design on the tongue is a serious sign of the times though.

5. Jordan V

The Jordan V "Doernbecher" was designed by Isaac Arzate, who sadly passed away before his shoe was released. What resulted from it was a premium shoe that used one of the nicest materials we've seen on a 5. I do not like patent leather on the V (which is how the Del Sols, ended up on the Worst list) but this shoe was amazing. Also, the shoe had a UV graphic which had Issac's last poem on the upper as well; that was a great touch.

4. Jordan II

The first ever Jordan Doernbecher is one of the more muted models to come from the collection, but that's not a bad thing. The Jordan 2 features a bold paisley print, but the shoe blends well enough to give that a pass. Honestly, ithe paisley print brings out a more psychedelic motif more so than anything else.

3. Jordan IX

The Jordan 9 is one of the most Lux looking Jordans 9s in the history of all time (of all TIME!). Utilizing metallic detailing on the mudguard, with features based on Oswaldo Jimenez's (The designer for the shoe) nickname Pollito, the shoe is just an all around nice shoe.

2. Jordan VI

The shoe's design and materials were premo. The overlay design is just extremely clean and comes with meaning. Jordan (the designer, not Michael) puts his recovery date (06/08) on the sneaker, which is matched with pinstripes and gold detailing. It's hard to believe, but this shoe sat and was at 21 Mercer for a couple weeks after release day.

1. Jordan III

Was there any way anything else was going to top it? Translucent outsole on a Jordan 3 waaay before the 3Lab 5 did it, and Varsity Red Elephant print. On top of that, Gold laser etched detailing on the upper just add to the already nice shoe. Of all the Jordans that were designed by Doernbecher, this was the shoe that they retroed.